This ‘Bride of the Killer Piñata’ Trailer Is As Bonkers As It Sounds [Video]

killer p 568x320 - This 'Bride of the Killer Piñata' Trailer Is As Bonkers As It Sounds [Video]

Bride of the Killer Piñata is the sequel to Killer Piñata most of us never knew would happen. This sequel has been a long time coming. So it’s exciting to see it making the festival rounds and holding small screenings.

Read the full synopsis:

A sequel to the horror-comedy beloved by hundreds. 10 years after finally defeating the Killer Piñata, Lindsey Goodman finds herself struggling with domestic life in the suburbs. When a new piñata arrives looking for help, the Killer Piñata wakes, mentoring her in his murderous ways and reigning hell down on the suburbs. With her family in the crosshairs, Lindsey must rally the old crew one last time to send the Killer Piñata back to hell for good.

Bride of the Killer Piñata is directed by Stephen Tramontana. The film is written by Megan Macmanus and Stephen Tramontana. It stars Eliza-Jane Morris, Natalie Younger, Eric Bays, Megan Renner Rieck, and Edward Neequaye.

Not a lot is known about the film at the moment, but we did some sleuthing to see what we could dig up outside of IMDB.

The movie is produced by Angry Mule Films, a small indie company in Chicago. Angry Mule Films describes themselves as, “A group of friends in Chicago, making films with heart, humor, and horror – not always in that order.” They have a Youtube channel where you can check out some of their previous short films.

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Watch the Bride of the Killer Piñata trailer:

KP Poster - This 'Bride of the Killer Piñata' Trailer Is As Bonkers As It Sounds [Video]

While Bride of the Killer Piñata is still making the festival rounds, you can keep tabs on the movie on their Facebook page. You can also buy merch there if you want a piece of this project in your home. You can also watch the first film, Killer Piñata, on Tubi to tide you over. We’re excited to meet the bride whenever she makes her formal debut.

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