This TikTok Horror Movie Prank Has The Internet Fuming

tik tok prank 568x319 - This TikTok Horror Movie Prank Has The Internet Fuming

We’re all on the search for that one horror movie. That elusive spookshow which might actually scare us again after all these years. Most horror fans can relate to this impossible search for fear. Maybe movies are not that scary these days, or maybe we’re just desensitized from years of absorbing nightmarish content. Who’s to say? But when we get a whiff of blood in the air, that promise of a movie so scary it’ll rattle the bones of even the most seasoned horror fans, it’s hard not to be excited. Well, that’s how TikTok user tmi_7 has pranked millions of horror fans, and honestly, I’m still salty about it.

So how did this puckish TikTok creator get the better for hundreds of thousands, if not millions of horror fans? By posting a video to the platform promising us the scariest Netflix horror movie recommendation possible. He pretends he found a movie titled Grim hidden deep in the Netflix horror which titles he claims you won’t be able to make it through, even if you try. Looking back, that’s sorta funny considering THE MOVIE IS NOT EVEN THERE. Nor is it real, from what I can gather. I’m wrecked.

The user even makes a pretty passable fake horror movie poster for Grim. While it’s shoddy and low budget, that sort of adds to its believability. I’m sure you’re familiar with some of the horror movies hidden on the third or fourth page of the streamer’s scary movie section. Stuff gets very indie very quickly.

Check out the TikTok Netflix horror prank right here:

Lastly, how do you feel about this TikTok prank? Would it have gotten the best of you? Let us know on Twitter via @dreadcentral. We’re always around to chat about all things TikTok horror!

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