‘Megalomaniac’ Trailer: This is Gory, Extreme Horror At Its Finest [Watch]


In the 00s, French horror filmmakers responded to a nihilistic post-9/11 landscape with films full of blood, guts, and a message about the futility of living. Thus the New French Extremity movement was born, defined by the torture of the human body and a glimpse into the horrors human beings are capable of. Belgian director Karim Ouelhaj has made a contemporary response to that movement with his new film Megalomaniac.

Read the full synopsis below:

1997, Mons, Belgium. The “Butcher”, one of Europe’s most notorious serial killers, strikes and abruptly vanishes. He leaves behind him no clues other than a trail of trash bags, bits and scraps of femme-flesh in ruin, sole testimony to his brutal killings. Born in blood and rage, his offspring, Martha (Eline Schumacher) and Felix (Benjamin Ramon), must carry on with their gruesome heritage. They take over his eternal wrath and, through agony and revenge, fall into the realm of absolute darkness.

Interested? Now check out the trailer:

Megalomaniac stunned audiences at Fantasia, where it had its world premiere. It won best feature film in the Cheval Noir competition, as well as an award for outstanding performance from Eline Schumacher.

Benjamin Ramon and Hélène Moor star in Megalomaniac alongside Schumacher.

XYZ is releasing Megalomaniac. No official release date has been set, but check back to Dread Central for more information as we have it.



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