This Tattoo Artist Creates Realistic Bruises, Scrapes and Scars [Images]

tattoos 568x319 - This Tattoo Artist Creates Realistic Bruises, Scrapes and Scars [Images]
Images by Broken.Teeth.Tattoos

While it might not be everybody’s bag, we here at Dread believe bruises are beautiful. And it turns out we’re not alone. SJ Horvath is an extremely talented artist who has become known for creating realistic cuts, scrapes, bruises and scars in tattoo format. These original and gnarly designs have been getting attention on Instagram, and Inked Magazine recently did a fascinating interview with the artist herself.

SJ Horvath’s realistic “cosmetic scrape, bruise and scar tattoos” are as stunning as they are nasty. And you can get one yourself at her shop Black Moon Tattoo in Knoxville, Tennessee. Horvath goes by the handle Broken Teeth Tattoos online, where her eye-catching work is becoming more popular by the day.

Horvath is a horror fan who combines beauty and the grotesque to create completely unique tattoos. Check out the gallery of images below to see what we mean.

Per her conversation with Inked, this is how Horvath describes herself:

My name is SJ Horvath. Mother. Artist. Collector of oddities. Hillbilly. A threat in Mario Kart. I co-own and operate at Black Moon Tattoo in Knoxville, Tennessee with my husband, Mo. I have been an artist my entire life. I can’t even remember a time where I wasn’t drawing, painting, sculpting, crafting or just making a huge mess. I love being able to express myself in ways that I can’t always vocalize.

SJ Horvath, Inked Magazine

When asked about the origins of her popular tattoo style, Horvath had this to say:

About four years ago, my coworker Finn and I were talking about how beautiful bruises are. I know, it sounds silly, but they’re like tiny little galaxies under the surface. We were convinced they were tattooable. He trusted me enough to make some nasty color washes and pack them into the side of his knee. 

SJ Horvath, Inked Magazine

If I was anywhere near Knoxville, I’d be hitting up Horvath over email to make an appointment. From small eyebrow scars to major ‘road rash’ leg markings, there are plenty of options to get nasty with. Check out the following incredible designs to pique your interest.

Lastly, what did you think of Horvath’s creations? Would you ever consider getting a permanent tattoo bruise or scrape? Let me know on Twitter via @joshkorngut. I’m always around to chat about all things spooky!



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