Five Totally Terrifying Evil Witches [Video]

witches 568x319 - Five Totally Terrifying Evil Witches [Video]

The witch is one of the most memorable horror archtypes of all time. The frightening image of a cackling hag with green skin and a pointy black hat is forever engrained in all of our psyches. And even more cruelly, this character is rampant in literature, folklore, and horror movies aimed at younger audiences. Plus, these women can be way more terrifying than their black cats and cauldrons might suggest. Horror has seen some of the most depraved witches, who shed their human forms for something monstrous. That’s who we’re looking at today. These aren’t your mother’s friendly spellcasters; they’re cruel and ready to consume blood for their evil Master. So watch out, kiddies…

Here are five of the most terrifying witches in horror history:

Lastly, what say you? Who is an ultra scary witch that should make a follow-up list? Let me know on Twitter via @joshkorngut. I’m always around to chat all things witchy!



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