Another Look Inside The Walking Dead Season 3 Finale and a Tease of What’s Ahead in Season 4

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twds3finales - Another Look Inside The Walking Dead Season 3 Finale and a Tease of What's Ahead in Season 4We’re not quite ready to close the door on Season 3 of “The Walking Dead”, and AMC isn’t either as they’ve just released another making-of video that takes us inside the prison assault along with a look ahead at Season 4 with the cast and crew.

We also have the best moments from the season finale of “Talking Dead,” in which Chris Hardwick discusses “Welcome to the Tombs” with guests Chad L. Coleman (Tyreese), Yvette Nicole Brown, and Norman Reedus (Daryl Dixon), along with a few tidbits from TV Guide’s recent interview with The Walking Dead comics creator Robert Kirkman, who’s also an executive producer on the TV series. Be sure to hit the link at the bottom of the page for the whole thing, and look for “The Walking Dead” to return for Season 4 on AMC in October.

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Why kill off Andrea now? She’s still around in the comics!
The unfortunate thing about the way these things work is that we’re not really going to see the effects or the results of that death until we come back for Season 4. It’s going to have very interesting effects on all of the characters, especially on Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and how he operates moving forward. [That’s] going to be one of the big changes for next season.

Do you worry about alienating fans of the comics when you make such big changes?
No. I think fans of the comics recognize that this show is a different animal… We are still very much following the path of the comic book, and you’ll see a lot of that in Season 4… I think it’s cool that there are differences that are going to make the show as dramatic, startling, and unpredictable as the comic book was the first time you read it. That’s really what we’re going after.

Will the dynamic change now that the group has gotten even larger?
A large group brings with it a need for more resources, but also more assets within the group. They could also, theoretically, accomplish more. There’s a lot to be done with these people in Season 4.

What will the role of The Governor be in Season 4?
That will have to remain shrouded in mystery for the time being. But I will say it’s going to be very different. We have The Governor, we have Rick, we have the prison. These are elements from Season 3, but everything is going to be radically changed and radically different in some very cool ways. I wouldn’t expect the same conflict or the same stories coming into Season 4. Things are going to be evolving quite a bit between seasons.

What kind of threat will the group be facing next season?
Walkers are definitely still going to be in the mix, [but] this question is more than likely going to have to wait for a few months until we’re more ready to talk about Season 4. But we advanced things in the third season to where humans were a more present threat than the zombies, and that may continue into Season 4… We’ll see a lot of new elements and a lot of new places. The prison is still going to be present, but maybe not in the way people expect.

What about character interactions? Michonne and Rick? And what about Daryl?
[Michonne and Rick] have a tremendously close relationship in the comic book series, [and] we’re on the road towards building that in the show. I think we can expect these two characters to be working together a lot more in the future. It’s entirely possible that we may see Daryl emerge in [more of] a leadership role than he had this season. [As for Carl] Rick’s got his work cut out for him… which is a very big part of Season 4.

Any hints of how the show will be different with Scott Gimple as showrunner?
Scott has really been pushing, and he’s going to take charge of, making sure…every character has big moments — to really amp up the character development… getting to know the characters more and teasing a little bit more emotion into the stories is what we’re striving to do in Season 4… We all recognize that it’s important to have lighter moments in the show, and I think that Season 4 will definitely have a few of those. Not too many, but a few of those from time to time.

“The Walking Dead” Episode 3.16 – “Welcome to the Tombs” (aired 3/31/13)
Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and the group have to seriously consider if the prison is worth defending as the Governor’s (David Morrissey) impending attack looms over their heads. Written by Glen Mazzara; directed by Ernest Dickerson.

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