Contest: 10 Codes Up For Grabs for Penumbear

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Penumbear is now available on the App Store for your iOS devices, and we are handing out 10 FREE codes for the game! Players will step into the shoes of a cute little koala bear trapped within the dark worlds of a creepy castle. Read on to learn how you could win!

If you’re tired of the boring library of games offered up in the iTunes store, we’ve got a great game that you can win today called Penumbear. The game begins with a cute koala bear waking from a deep slumber within the dark confines of a mysterious castle when a glistening firefly finds the bear lost in the darkness. The koala decides to adventure with his new friend to try and find his way through the hundred floor castle and back to the outside world.

Penumbear is a puzzle platformer that focuses on creating light and shadows to use as platforms to jump across large gaps and reach the exit of each floor. It’s a ton of fun and one of the most interesting games you can pick up for iOS.

To win, send an e-mail to Amanda Dyar here. The first 10 contestants to enter will receive a free code.

In Penumbear, you are a koala that walks on the line between light and shadow. You turn lights on and off, hopping from shadow to shadow, as you find your way from room to room. In addition to an array of lighting sources, a variety of dangers stand in your way creating a puzzle out of every room.

Penumbear is now available on iOS and can be purchased for $1.99. For more information on the game, check out the official Penumbear website. Also, head over to the official Penumbear App page to download the game today!

penumbear1 - Contest: 10 Codes Up For Grabs for Penumbear

penumbear2 - Contest: 10 Codes Up For Grabs for Penumbear

penumbear3 - Contest: 10 Codes Up For Grabs for Penumbear

penumbear4 - Contest: 10 Codes Up For Grabs for Penumbear

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