‘Ditched’: Chainsaws And Deathtraps Slice Up This Brutal New Dread Title [Trailer]

Dread is back with Ditched! This wild ride will suck you into a truly claustrophobic night of horrors, and we cannot wait to get our eyes on this latest gruesome event from filmmaker Christopher Donaldson.

Ditched collects an intimate ensemble to tell a brutal story of guilt and redemption. Desperate to escape an overturned ambulance, a group of paramedics are trapped with violent prisoners. The group quickly discover that they are the victims of an ambush with the perpetrators hunting them down one by one.

Check out this tense official trailer for Ditched right now:

Ditched saw its World Premiere at the Popcorn Frights Film Festival earlier this year! Now it hits VOD January 18th and on Blu-ray February 15th from Dread. We can’t wait to unleash this new vision of fear with audiences all over the world.

Written and directed by Christopher Donaldson, Ditched stars the powerhouse ensemble of Marika Sila, Mackenzie Gray, J. Lindsay Robinson, and Kris Loranger. If you’re not too squeamish, make sure to lay your eyes on the brand new trailer above. It features chainsaws, weapon wielding criminals and a group of badass paramedics forced to fight for survival. So basically, its the total package!

Take a peek at the official poster for Ditched right here:

Lastly, what did you think of the first peek at Ditched? Will you be racing to catch this latest Dread Presents release when lands on January 18th? Let me know on Twitter via @joshkorngut. I’m always around to chat all things survival horror!



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