‘Chucky’: Jennifer Tilly Is Back And She Brought A Big Scary Needle

Nurse Tiffany is here to deliver our medicine and I am grateful. After four long (and excellent) episodes without the appearance of Jennifer Tilly, the Chucky series is finally bringing the legacy character back into the fold.

Tilly recently took to social media to share a very special message, alongside a new image from the show.

In the image, the cult actor has the babe levels turned up to 11. She’s also wielding a needle and a blonde bombshell hairdo. We live. Hopefully, we see a whole lot of her this season.

Check out the killer Chucky image here:

While promoting the series at ComicCon, Tilly had kind words for co-conspirator and longtime friend Don Mancini, who has been writing, producing, and directing the Child’s Play series since 1988. The horror icon also expressed her gratitude for the roles Mancini has offered her over the past decade, sparing her from the usual sexist, age-inappropriate “grandma” parts she gets offered.

“I’m making out with men. Making out with women. I’m being really mean to small kids. Every once in a while, I kill somebody. I’ve got the cleavage. I’ve got the five-inch-high heels. I love my life!,” Tilly shared with an audience at this year’s ComicCon (courtesy of UPI).

While it’s been a hot second since Tilly resurfaced her classic character, she was more than willing to return. In fact, she was dead-ready to wear the Tiffany mantle yet again, five years since the last time the character made a cameo appearance in Cult of Chucky.

When asked about her character’s dynamic with the series protagonist Jake, Tilly had some very Tiffany-esque feedback.

She describes the teenage Jake as “so hot, so sensitive, so troubled,” before describing longtime character Andy as “a sweet little kid” who is now a “crazy degenerate.” Welcome back, Tiff!

Are you still checking in with the Chucky series? Do you like it as much as I do? Let me know on Twitter via @joshkorngut. I’m always avail to chat all things Chuck.



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