A ‘Godzilla’-Themed Cup Noodles Flavor “Has Been Conceived,” Says Toho International

Godzilla Cup Noodles
Courtesy of Cup Noodles

Yesterday, Toho International, Inc. celebrated Godzilla’s 67th anniversary by unveiling its brand new licensing collaborations at its first-ever Godzilla Licensing Summit in Los Angeles. The company’s Managing Director, Lora Cohn, says these new partnerships are all about delivering for fans of the original monster living outside of Japan.

“Quite frankly, there hasn’t been a lot of product available for fans in North America, Europe, and other parts of the world,” Cohn tells Dread Central. “There’s been sprinkling of products around various movies, like when Sony did their movie in the ’90s, and when Warner Bros. started their new MonsterVerse in 2014. But we’re all about furthering the fandom of classic Godzilla.”

Cohn points to one partner in particular as having unique brand synergy with Godzilla: Nissin Foods, the company known worldwide for its flagship product, Cup Noodles.

Toho and Cup Noodles will begin their partnership by working on an apparel line, alongside pop culture merch company Bioworld. But the big question is, will we ever get a Goji-themed instant noodle flavor?

“Yes, that has been conceived of, and hoped for,” Cohn reveals. She says that Toho and Cup Noodles’ upcoming clothing line is the way to start their relationship, but that a new flavor “would be the ultimate goal.”

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Godzilla has already inspired countless menu specials and spicy ramen bowl eating challenges in restaurants across the globe. In 2019, a reporter for the Osaka-based news site Gigazine chronicled one such eating adventure in an article with the endearingly long title, “I Actually Tried Eating ‘Godzilla Ramen’ That Reproduced the World View of Godzilla with Red Noodles and Black Soup.

If Cup Noodles opts for a flavor with extreme heat, the “atomic breath” puns practically write themselves. And considering the company just gave its noodles the pumpkin spice treatment, it’s probably safe to assume that anything goes in Nissin-world at this point.

Per a press release, here’s the full list of Godzilla brand collabs unveiled yesterday:

Epic Games is bringing Godzilla back to the store in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout—two iconic costumes, ‘Godzilla’ and ‘Godzilla 1995.’

With Kellytoy, a division of Jazwares, Godzilla will turn into one of its squishiest, cutest forms ever through a new line of Godzilla Squishmallows. Based on the wildly popular plush brand, the new Godzilla line is set to launch in 2022.

Mattel, Inc. is bringing the King of the Monsters into the world of vehicle collectibles with a Hot Wheels Godzilla Character Car, hitting shelves at retail October 2022. In the U.S., the kaiju car will be sold as a Target exclusive for the year.

The King of Monsters meets the King of Noodles: Nissin Foods is mashing up its beloved Cup Noodles brand with Godzilla for a tasty apparel line, launching in 2022. The collaboration will also expand into additional merchandise.

Godzilla is getting the sneaker treatment from PUMA based on the company’s legendary SUEDE shoe. It will be released worldwide exclusively in ATMOS physical stores and e-commerce store and will come as a set with a Godzilla sofubi figure. The unisex sneakers will be available in adult sizes, releasing fall 2022.

Loading up on pre-workout hydration will be a lot more fun with everyone’s favorite monster. Dropping Black Friday. RYSE Supplements is creating berry-citrus flavored pre-workout powders created to be as powerful as Godzilla.”



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