‘Happy Death Day 3’: Jason Blum Teases Update On Possible New Film

Happy Death Day 2U 2019 750x422 - 'Happy Death Day 3': Jason Blum Teases Update On Possible New Film

Jason Blum has been trolling the horror community lately with updates about some of his more exciting projects. Now, Blum is back to tease us on another exciting—albeit stalled—in-house production: Happy Death Day 3.

While chatting with Collider, Blum shared a minor update about the current states of Happy Death Day 3, Five Night’s At Freddy’s, Welcome to the Blumhouse 2, Wolfman, and Christine, among others.

However, when it came down to HD3, he had this to share:

“I have a plan,” Blum said. “Put it this way. I’m not saying goodbye to Happy Death Day. I’ll say it like that.” Not a ton of information here, obviously, but it’s exciting to know that the comedy-horror slasher series still has legs.

In the same conversation, Blum also shared a small update on the long-delayed Five Night’s At Freddy’s.

“It’s really tough to crack,” he said. “We’ve written multiple scripts, and we’ve got where we’re threading a needle, which is doing justice to Five Nights at Freddy’s and making Scott (Cawthon) happy.”

“I don’t have the right to do anything Scott doesn’t like,” Blum continued. “Basically, Scott has kind of the equivalent of final cut. And it’s taken longer than I hoped to get the right story. But we’re a long ways from giving up. And I’m confident, eventually, I will figure it out.”

Blum also mentioned that director Chris Columbus was no longer attached to the project.

blumhouse 1024x576 - 'Happy Death Day 3': Jason Blum Teases Update On Possible New Film

How do you feel about the possibility of Happy Death Day 3 or a Five Night’s At Freddy’s adaptation? Is Blumhouse the right place for these projects? Let me know on Twitter via @joshkorngut. I’m always down to chat about anything Blumhouse.

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