‘They’re Outside’: Exclusive Trailer Shows Off A Terrifying Mix of Found Footage and Folk Horror

‘Tis the season to be spooky, and what better way to celebrate than with a new found footage movie? Directors Airell Anthony Hayles and Sam Casserly have delivered just that with their new film They’re Outside.

Check out our exclusive look at the trailer for They’re Outside:

The film follows a celebrity psychologist with a popular YouTube channel where he helps cure people of their phobias and mental illnesses. His newest client is agoraphobic and he claims he can fix her fear. But her fear, he comes to learn, is more rational than he thought.

They’re Outside joins the ranks of underseen found footage gems such as Webcast and Crone Wood. Both use the technique to explore the world of folk horror. While there are few, they are all mighty and illustrate how found footage can offer a new look into a well-known (and loved) subgenre.

They're Outside

In their director’s statement, Hayles explains that he became fascinated with agoraphobia after his uncle was diagnosed with the disorder. They wanted to use that fascination to make a supernatural film like The Sixth Sense, and Picnic at Hanging Rock. But they had difficulty pinpointing an idea that they liked.

They’re Outside came about when the question was asked, ‘What if a person’s agoraphobia was linked to supernatural events rather than being a purely psychological condition? And what if nobody believed them?’

“After being intrigued by the first draft of the They’re Outside screenplay, I felt it needed a new angle to really bring the story to life,” said producer Dovile Kirvelaityte. He went on to say:

“The mood and energy of the piece really fired up once it was re-written in the context of found footage. The directors and I agreed the story suddenly found its heart beat. It was a really fun shoot, and the pagan influences were spellbinding at every level.

Nicholas Vince, (Hellraiser), Emily Booth (Grindhouse, Event Horizon), Tom Clayton-Wheatley (Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix), and Christine Randall (9 Full Moons) star in the film.

Check out the poster:

They’re Outside is available on digital worldwide October 29 from Terror Films



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