Real Dread: Three Friends Are Trapped in an Elevator as Floodwaters Rise Around Them [Video]

Shaft banner 750x422 - Real Dread: Three Friends Are Trapped in an Elevator as Floodwaters Rise Around Them [Video]

In a scene straight out of Escape Room (or Howling Village), three friends got the scare of a lifetime when they were trapped in an elevator over the weekend. Sure, it’s a common enough occurrence–but not in this case.

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Tony Luu and two of his friends took an elevator to the ground floor of his apartment building in downtown Omaha, Nebraska, during a fierce storm. Not only did the doors fail to open at the bottom, but the elevator also began filling up with filthy floodwaters. After about 10 minutes, the trio was in up to their necks!

Much of the commotion was captured on video as the terrifying scenario unfolded. Check out Inside Editions coverage below.

Video Description:
Three friends inside an elevator amid a large storm in Omaha, Nebraska, found themselves trapped as the lift filled with water in a harrowing ordeal they managed to capture on camera. Tony Luu and two friends took an elevator down to the ground floor of his downtown Omaha apartment building to examine the damage from the storm about 10 p.m. Saturday. The group made it to the ground floor of the building when water began rushing in from the lobby.

Plenty of horror movies employ the claustrophobic atmosphere of elevators got thrills, but this was definitely above and beyond fictionalize horror. Thankfully, in this case, all three friends made it to safety after about 10 minutes. Still, the terror is certain to last a lifetime!

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