TikTok User Claims He’s Being Stalked by “The Snow Killer”

TikTok Snow Killer

The world’s most popular video-sharing platform is TikTok. It provided millions of users with a window into a strange and sometimes creepy world… and it would seem it’s getting even creepier.

For a chilling example, look no further than hugely popular user @lordvirr. His account has racked up nearly 400 million followers and close to 8 million likes. But @lordvirr hasn’t amassed this viral following with his dubious dance moves or random attempts at spitting rhymes.

Nope, this dude is getting TikTok attention with skin-crawling footage of eerie snow “portals” mysteriously appearing in his yard. The mystery artist has not been revealed (if they exist at all). But evidence of their nocturnal activity is piling up faster than the snow can cover it.

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At this stage, it’s hard to determine whether this is the real deal. Or a stunt to net more followers. Or even groundwork for some sort of Alternate Reality Game. But if it’s all a setup, it’s a damn clever one.

Commenters referred him to the urban legend of “The Snow Killer”. They say he mark chosen victims’ homes, then later returns to murder the occupants. The Snow Killer’s apparent M.O. is to build crude snow figures resembling wide-mouthed screaming faces or other strange shapes. Then adorn them with blood-red spray paint. Often in cryptic symbols, like the stick figures associated with the Blair Witch franchise.

@lordvirr admits being freaked out by the phenomena, especially since their arrival has coincided with other disturbing incidents, including a trip to the emergency room for his girlfriend. Further phenomena, including tainted well water and a malfunctioning oven which nearly burned his house down — led some users to suggest the unseen visitor has placed a curse on him.

He seems to agree, because he decided to erect crosses on and around the ominous screaming shapes… only to find them adorned with the same red paint and turned upside-down.

“I’ve grown to hate the sight of them,” he said of the often-reappearing portals.

He eventually installed a security camera to spot the alleged intruder, whose footprints he claims to have found leading from his yard to the nearby woods. The camera was triggered twice during the night, but there’s no movement captured in the footage. He later posts a video of the couple’s dog, growling at something we can’t see.

“I’ve never been so scared in my life,” he notes in a later video. “Can’t shake this feeling of constant dread.”

TikTok Snow Killer


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