Jamie Lee Curtis Says She Supports Her Trans Daughter

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Jamie Lee Curtis has shared her proud support for daughter Ruby who has come out as a trans woman. With Ruby’s permission, Curtis discussed her feelings about her daughter’s gender-affirming journey. While we’ve always loved Jamie Lee Curtis, we’re thrilled to see her lovingly embrace Ruby’s true identity. 

In her recent AARP profile, Curtis spoke of how she has proudly “watched in wonder as our son became our daughter Ruby.” The horror icon also shares that Ruby is a gaming editor and getting married next month! Way to go Ruby. Career and love both figured out by 25. What more could a mom hope for?

And guess what?

Jamie is ready to officiate the wedding herself. What an event of a lifetime. If anyone can get me a ticket please make sure to message me ASAP. I’ll bartend if need be. 

While the Halloween Kills star seems to be living her best life right now, she also touched base on when things weren’t as easy for the star. The interview dives into her recovery from her opioid addiction and its long-lasting impact on her life. We’re so thrilled that our favorite scream queen is healthy and sober, but we understand that addiction is complicated. Jamie does a thoughtful job of explaining her personal healing journey in the interview, sharing the “great mental migration” she has been through.

What’s all the more interesting is that Curtis says she owes some of her healing to Ruby’s coming out. She even discusses how she was able to turn around her false beliefs, and now sees that gender is not a fixed binary. Curtis used the term “constant metamorphosis” when describing her road to sobriety, and how she views her daughter’s personal growth. 

The part of all this that I find most exciting is the extension of the Scream Queen legacy! Jaime Lee Curtis is herself the daughter of horror icon Janet Leigh (Psycho), and now she has a second daughter herself to potentially carry the torch! Okay, so I’m getting ahead of myself — but who doesn’t love a horror legacy?

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