The New PREDATOR Film Is A Prequel Titled SKULL

The next film in the Predator franchise is nearly complete. Collider broke the news that the next installment is a prequel to the original film and has been titled Skull. 

Producers John Davis and John Fox have spilled the beans on the title and production timeline. Skull is supposedly going to be “an origin story about the Predator’s first journey to this planet.”

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The Dan Trachtenberg joint stars Amber Midthunder (Legion) as a warrior, and the film’s only hope against the relentless killer. The idea is to recreate the vibe of the original film, but now Amber Midthunder is taking over the reins from Arnold. According to the film’s producers, the story is going back to the basics of human versus Predator. 

Here’s what Davis told Collider: 

It goes back to what made the original Predator movie work. It’s the ingenuity of a human being who won’t give up, who’s able to observe and interpret, basically being able to beat a stronger, more powerful, well-armed force.

This is interesting news for fans of the first film. It really does sound like the creatives are looking to scale back the scope, much like the original.

Davis continued by saying:

Skull has more akin to The Revenant than it does any film in the Predator canon — You’ll know what I mean once you see it — I think this is a worthy complement to the first one. It’s going to be as good.”

While nothing is official, rumour has that the upcoming Predator prequel is going to be dropped directly onto Hulu sometime next year. 

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