Aliens Make Contact in Hudson Valley and May Not Come in Peace

Discovery+ Launches Shocking Documentary on Extraterrestrial Contact in The Hudson Valley: ALIEN INVASION: HUDSON VALLEY!

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It seems shocking to me that in the past two years the United States government has admitted to the existence of UFO phenomenon all over the country. But while the pandemic and political landscape has occupied the media headlines. Internet and media chatter about that revelation has been minimal.

Alien Invasion: Hudson Valley an all-new Shock Doc being released by Discovery+ on August 15 not only dives into the revelation of the existence of UFO phenomenon. It follows an in-depth investigation into eyewitness accounts and spine-tingling encounters with extraterrestrial phenomenon.

Alien Invasion: Hudson Valley is being produced by MAK Pictures for Discovery+ and will release on the streaming service on Monday August 15.

Synopsis: While Area 51 has the notoriety, the Hudson Valley region, just north of New York City, remains the undisputed UFO capital of the world reporting nearly 3,000 extraterrestrial encounters over the last decade. The team leading this new investigation into the region includes Ben Hansen, former FBI profiler and expert in extraterrestrial/paranormal affairs; Melissa Tittl, an investigative journalist breaking news on paranormal science and conspiracies; and Marc D’Antonio, Hudson Valley native and chief photo researcher for MUFON, the top civilian UFO investigative organization in the world. Throughout the two-hour special, the team takes an innovative approach to investigating extraterrestrials by utilizing paranormal equipment and techniques to deliver stunning results. This unique investigation method leads to messages from beyond, chilling first-person accounts and overwhelming video evidence, all indications that may prove we are not alone.  

The team will be supporting their research with eye-witness accounts and testimonials as well as state of the art paranormal equipment as they explore the questions like why are aliens descending on the Hudson Valley and what do they want from the residents there?

Testimonials include a conversation with a skeptical community leader who shares his bone chilling encounter with a UFO landing and a local homeowner who believes her house has been haunted by otherworldly beings for generations!

“We use a multimodal approach with specialized cameras and technology – much of which was designed for the military – and combine that with techniques commonly utilized in paranormal communication experiments,” said Hansen. “Our equipment and the team’s combined expertise really enhance our investigation efforts. We truly hope to bring Hudson Valley residents the answers they’re looking for even though they may not be prepared for what we find.”

“The goal was to communicate with these unknown entities, and we believe we succeeded,” added Tittl. “We became experiencers ourselves. And it was as exciting as it was unnerving.”

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