Jamie Chung Talks DEXTER, and the Dangers of True Crime Podcasting

LOVECRAFT COUNTRY actress Jamie Chung discusses the new season of DEXTER!

Jamie Chung is out here killin’ it. You probably saw her most recently as a Korean nurse who was straight-up possessed in Lovecraft Country. She recently sat down with The Hollywood Reporter to talk about her career and her spot in the new Dexter revival.

Jamie Chung started by talking about how her experience on the Dexter revival has been going: “The experience has been great. It’s the original showrunner, Clyde Phillips, who showran seasons one through four.” When asked if she was aware how happy Dexter fans would be to seeing a new season, she had this to share: “(Laughs.) Yeah, in essence, it’s exactly what Dexter fans want. The character of Molly Park is so fun and vibrant. And true-crime podcasting is a fairly new medium in terms of true crime, and introducing that into Dexter’s world is another threat to revealing his identity. So it’s been really fun. (Laughs.) Really fun.”

Jamie Chung will be playing Molly Park, a true-crime podcaster who is investigating Dexter’s crimes. As Chung knows all too well, that can be dangerous in the world of Dexter. She then moved on to talking about Phillips’ original idea for the ending of Dexter that he floated a few years ago.

Yeah, I think he sticks to his word. He’s also one that does not budge when it comes to his vision. (Laughs.) So I think he’s going to do exactly what he wants to do. Eight or nine years ago, I did an interview that asked, “What would be your dream role?” And I mentioned, “It’s sad because it’s never going to happen with Dexter coming to an end, but just to be on a show of that caliber — and with that talent — would be a dream.” So I guess I was really putting it out there.”

Dexter - Jamie Chung Talks DEXTER, and the Dangers of True Crime Podcasting

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