Sadie Sink Talks STRANGER THINGS and New FEAR STREET: 1978

Sadie Sink
Stranger Things

Today, in “Please, more Stranger Things Season 4 news – but can you also add in some Fear Street?”, Sadie Sink, who plays Max in Netflix’s Stranger Things, recently sat down with Collider to talk Stranger Things Season 4’s stakes, along with her experience on Fear Street: 1978.

“So we started filming Season 4, I don’t even know when it was, but it was before the pandemic and then we got like a month of filming done, then we had to stop for I guess seven or eight months, and then we came back to work and things were completely different. So I think the real challenging part was just adjusting to the new rules and the regulations that were in place on set. That was a big adjustment. But yeah, I think we were all just so grateful to be able to work. And we’ve been working for a while now and creating something really amazing.”

It’s crazy to think that production for Stranger Things season 4 started in January 2020, and, after shutting down for COVID, continued from October 2020 now. Much like David Harbour talked about last week, Stranger Things‘ stakes are higher and its scope is bigger.

“The scale of the show just gets bigger and bigger each year so yeah, it’s just been really incredible to see where they’re going with the storyline. It’s really amazing this year. And just how the stakes are just so much higher. Higher than they’ve ever been.”

Sink then got into Fear Street. She’ll be starring as Ziggy in the second installment, Fear Street: 1978. The second of three installments, it’s due to drop on Friday, July 9th. Strangely, there was quite a bit of overlap between Fear Street and Stranger Things.

“We filmed in Atlanta so a lot of the crew was the same, and so that was really nice. It was kind of comforting to see these people that I was familiar with. And also Leigh [Janiak], our director, is married to Ross, one of the Duffer brothers, so I had known Leigh since I was like 14 years old, so it was really exciting to get to work with her because it was something that I’ve been wanting to do.”

When it came down to how the experience on Fear Street might shape Sink’s acting moving forward with Stranger Things, she closed on this:

“One thing that I did take with me from Fear Street is just my experience with stunts now. I think I feel like I’ve got a lot more experience and that’s helped me along the way.”

Fear Street 1 - Sadie Sink Talks STRANGER THINGS and New FEAR STREET: 1978

I am beyond excited for Stranger Things Season 4 and all three Fear Street films Are you ready to see Sadie Sink’s newfound appreciation for stunts? Join the conversation in the comments and on Instagram and Twitter @DreadCentral. Also, we’re on Facebook. I’m Jans. I write news. You can tell me which franchise you’re most excited for on Twitter @HorrorPlayed.



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