Hosts Jazz and Kat Reveal Their 10 Favorite Episodes of GIRL, THAT’S SCARY!

Take a crash course on the GIRL, THAT'S SCARY Podcast as hosts Jazz and Kat reflect on their favorite episodes so far!

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A couple of days ago, we announced that the Girl, That’s Scary Podcast is the latest show to join the DREAD Podcast Network, joining other prestigious shows like Post Mortem with Mick GarrisThe Boulet Brothers: Creatures of the NightKim and Ket Stay Alive…Maybe (and their original podcast/gameshow hybrid Kim and Ket’s Survive the Cellar), FriGay the 13th Horror Podcast, and Development Hell.

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For the uninitiated, Girl, That’s Scary is a horror and sci-fi podcast that tackles movies, series, books, and all things horror/Sci-fi. It is hosted by Kat and Jazz, who have been friends for about 10 years and horror fans since preschool. Their mothers helped to nurture their love of horror at a young age; now it has matured into a lifelong passion! From Sharknado to The Exorcist, they welcome them all.

Jazzmin (Jazz) aka The 40oz Connoisseur is a Richmond, VA native with a passion for demon possession and slashers. She’s an avid horror fan and a survivor of the pending zombie apocalypse (for now?). You can catch her running the GTS Twitter account @girlthatsscary.

Kathleen (Kat) aka Kat Zaddy is a D.C. native with a passion for The Rocky Horror Picture Show and Zombies. She’s an avid musical fan and an aspiring vampire. You can catch her running the GTS Instagram account @girlthatsscary.

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We caught up with Jazz and Kat and asked them to reflect on their personal favorite episodes of Girl, That’s Scary! If you’re not already well-versed in the show’s history, consider this a crash course. Enjoy!

10. Welcome To Castle Rock – We dove into the Stephen King universe by visiting Castle Rock and Jerusalem’s Lot

In this episode, we celebrate the Hulu show and all it does for the Stephen King multiverse. We are big fans of Stephen King books and the world they create. This was the last in-person guest we had before the Pandemic began. This episode reminds us of in-person friendship.

9. GTS Review: John Carpenter’s Vampires – This movie is so chaotic, and so is this episode. Vampires, boobs, and Daniel Baldwin lay ahead! 

This episode is like a side quest. We teamed up with our friend Ian from the Behind The Screams podcast to cover John Carpenter movies. During that discussion, Kat brought up John Carpenter’s Vampires. The curiosity drove us to schedule another episode with Ian covering the movie. It was one hell of a ride! That movie is chaotic evil, but the episode is chaotic good.

8. Killer Cars! The Car vs. Christine – Yeah buddy, rolling’ like a big shot! Pull up to our killer cars episode where we discuss the body count that these killer rides stack up. Skrt skrt.

What’s not to love about killer cars?  In this episode, we chat a bit about the two films, their similarities/differences, and how entertained we were by the chaos. We had such a great time watching these movies and chatting about them and it really shines through in the episode. This episode feels like driving with your windows down on a sunny day.

7. GTS Review: The Lodge – Let’s get chilly! Check out this holiday slow burn. Don’t leave your kids with strangers.

This movie was on our list for a while before we got a chance to cover it. Finally the holiday season came back around and we decided to watch it together. We had so many outbursts and reactions to this movie! It was a slow burn that turned the dial to broil at the very end and we loved it. This episode feels like a warm holiday sweater.

6. GTS Review: Rocky Horror Picture Show– It’s time to do the Time Warp again! Put on your best corset and take a jump to the left. 

This is a RHPS Stan account, so of course, we’re here to act accordingly. This episode is Kat’s love letter to the 1975 film & more! This episode was released during the holiday and Sagittarius season. It feels like having eggnog with a lot of cognac. A definite good time.

5. Top5Top5Top5 – Here we discuss our top 5 favorite horror movies of all time! Buckle up and hold onto your butts.

This episode was so much fun! We decided to pick our top 5 favorite horror movies based on quality and re-watchability. We kept our lists secret for the three weeks leading up to the recording. On the recording day, we opened up our lists like gifts. This episode feels like an unboxing. We even ended up with some similarities on our lists. This is the only episode with this special format.

4. Back 2 School – School’s back in session! We discuss an array of horror movies that take place at school. Don’t forget, you’ll need a hall pass.

We wanted to celebrate our transition into the new school year by discussing some of our favorite school-related horror films. We’re both educators and in our downtime, we love to decompress by diving into a horror flick or two. This episode feels like the first day of school.

3. Blade – In this episode we discussed the Blade Trilogy. It’s going to be a bloodbath, bring your umbrella.

Blade is a part of our adolescence like middle school dances. Every time we watch it, we remember the feeling of freshness. We had never seen anything like that before. Dr. Karen Jenson is THE GOAT. She does not get enough recognition and we are here to change that. Every time we watch these movies we feel like we are in Lil Uzi’s “Sanguine Paradise” video.

2. Channel Zero – In this episode we discussed one of our favorite horror series. Watch Channel Zero or Skin-Taker will pay you a visit! 

Channel Zero is an awesome anthology show that we think more people should get into. We took some time to dive into the different presented stories and more! Also, this show should definitely get revived because stories about urban lore are A1! We want to share our passion for this series with anyone who will listen. 

1. GTS Review: As Above So Below– Let’s take a trip to hell…for research purposes. Pull up on this episode if you aren’t claustrophobic.

This episode was released on Jazzmin’s birthday during Leo season. Our birthday episodes are always high-energy. We dove into one of our favorite movies that takes place in hell. We saw the movie in different settings, but had the same reaction: SHOOK! It was so much fun to discuss. This episode feels like joy.

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Are you a fan of the Girl, That’s Scary Podcast? What’s your favorite episode so far? Let us know in the comments below or on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram! You can also carry on the convo with me personally on Twitter @josh_millican. Dread Central is now on Google News!

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