DEVELOPMENT HELL Now Unearths the Unproduced HALLOWEEN 3D

Halloween 3D Rerelease feature 1 750x422 - DEVELOPMENT HELL Now Unearths the Unproduced HALLOWEEN 3D

The Development Hell podcast unpacks the lost Halloween sequel from My Blood Valentine 3D duo Patrick Lussier and Todd Farmer.

It might only be June, but Halloween never dies. Today The Development Hell podcast rereleases their Halloween 3D episode! This lost sequel is from filmmakers Patrick Lussier and Todd Farmer, the duo behind the My Bloody Valentine remake.

Halloween 3D was meant to be a continuation of Rob Zombie’s Halloween universe. While we may have been ready to move on from Zombie’s canon … this sequel was definitely offering up something unique.

The Development Hell special guest this week is repeated offender Emily Gagne. Emily is a filmmaker, podcaster and also curates Final Girl Fashion on Instagram, an account showcasing the killer outfits of women in horror. Additionally, she also co-hosts the podcasts We Really Like Her! and What About Meryll.

There have been numerous unmade Halloween sequels over the years. This one, however, might be the craziest. Host Josh Korngut and guest Emily Gagne discuss the wild Halloween 3D screenplay… so get ready! There are multiple 3D head decapitations, tons of carnage, and the corpse of Michael’s mother makes a surprisingly long appearance. I wonder if Sheri Moon Zombie would have reprised her role from the previous two entries?

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Halloween 3D Rerelease feature 1 1024x768 - DEVELOPMENT HELL Now Unearths the Unproduced HALLOWEEN 3D

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