Blumhouse’s Upcoming Thriller UNHUMAN Now Has a Cast (with Familiar Faces)

UNHUMAN, the upcoming horror-thriller from Blumhouse and Epix, has been cast! (with familiar faces). Do you know what I did last summer?

blumhouse 750x422 - Blumhouse's Upcoming Thriller UNHUMAN Now Has a Cast (with Familiar Faces)

If you, like me, cannot get enough Blumhouse, you’re in luck: their upcoming thriller Unhuman sounds awesome. Not only that, but it also features a strong horror pedigree. The film will be directed by Marcus Dunstan, the writer of Saw IV, V, VI and Saw: The Final Chapter. To accompany that illustrious lineage, the film has now cast a whole host of horror icons to bring the film to life.

Unhuman will feature Brianne Tju, the two-time Emmy nominated actress who starred in I know What You Did Last Summer and Light as a Feather, as well as Benjamin Wadsworth (Your Honor), Uriah Shelton (Freaky), and Ali Gallo (The Carpool).

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Here’s a brief synopsis of the film:

After their school bus crashes while on a field trip, relationships are tested amongst the students once they realize they are being stalked by a mysterious attacker who intends to drive them out of their bucolic adolescence and straight into a horrifying fight to survive.

Why do you play me like this, Blumhouse?

Do you like the sound of that? Thought so. So do we. But it doesn’t stop there. The film also stars Peter Giles (Into the Dark: Pilgrim), Josh Mikel (The Walking Dead), Lo Graham (Scream Queens), Blake Burt (Pitch Perfect 2), Drew Scheid (Halloween), CJ LeBlanc (Just Mercy), and Dana Wing Lau (Fung Family Feast) in supporting roles.

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There’s no much additional information about Unhuman yet. But if we take the combined pedigree of everyone involved in making this movie, it’s fair to expect great things from it.

What’s your favorite Blumhouse film? I’m partial to Sinister myself. Be sure to join the conversation over on Twitter, where you can find Dread Central @DreadCentral and me under @MarcosCodas.