V/H/S Headed to UK Homes, with a Very Special Screening!

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Like it or not, the collective efforts offered up in found footage anthology V/H/S made quite the mark on the genre last year, and to celebrate the upcoming theatrical, DVD and Blu-ray UK releases, Momentum Pictures have one very special screening quite literally in store.

A small group of misfit friends and petty crooks are hired by a mysterious man to break into a derelict suburban house with the sole purpose of finding and stealing a rare videotape. Their only clue to identifying the tape in question is, “You’ll know it when you see it.”

However, on arrival at the house they soon realize the job isn’t as straightforward as they imagined. In one room they discover the lifeless body of a middle-aged man sitting in an armchair, facing a wall of television sets and a stack of VHS cassettes. A similar bounty of tapes is found in the basement, none of which bears any obvious markings to suggest it is the prize they are seeking. As they search through the tapes, playing them in turn, they are treated to a succession of graphic and apparently genuine video recordings, each one more shocking and bizarre than the last.

V/H/S hits select theatres across the UK on January 18th, with an arrival on DVD and Blu-ray on the 28th. If, however, you want to experience something really special, then you can be amongst the audience for a one-night-only screening at the Blackhall Studios in London on Wednesday, January 16th, which will take place in the fictitious video rental store ‘Cellar Rentals’.

Complimentary drinks, popcorn and the chance to spend some time leafing through the videotape offerings of the rental store await — and, best of all, you’ll get to walk away with a limited edition big-box VHS copy of V/H/S, numbered and restricted to only 300 copies. Check out the official V/H/S Fan Hub website for full details of the event and ticket purchasing information.

V/H/S Headed to UK Homes, with a Very Special Screening!

V/H/S Headed to UK Homes, with a Very Special Screening!

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