Darren Lynn Bousman Vows to Make New LEPRECHAUN Movie with Warwick Davis

Darren Lynn Bousman (Spiral: From the Book of Saw) wants to reboot Leprechaun. And today, Bousman says he wants to see Warwick Davis back in the role and take him back to the old west.

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He tells MovieWeb: “Here’s what I love about the Leprechaun franchise. They’re ridiculous, they’re fun. They’re violent. It’s a perfect popcorn horror movie, it’s not trying to be uber-serious. It’s not trying to be uber-scary. It is just a fun time. I think that I miss those types of movies that are just fun. While I love the Hereditarys and the Midsommars, The Witch. Those are my favorite types of movies. They’re not fun. Your butthole is clinched, You’re sweating in the movie. I want those movies like the Final Destinations, where you’re high-fiving in the theater, you’re laughing, and I think Leprechaun kind of embodies that, the more they went on, they became more ridiculous. I love that, I love the fact that they would send Leprechaun to the hood, and then back to the hood! Again! And then to space!

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He adds: “I really want Leprechaun to get a time machine and start a whole new franchise. I want to send him to the Colorado gold rush. He’s gonna go back in time to the Colorado gold rush, and antics will ensue. I will only do it with Warwick Davis, and I will make this happen, I will will this into existence. I have willed every movie that I’ve wanted to do, whether it be a weird rock opera or going to Japan to do a TV series. I’ve willed s*** into existence. I will will a Warwick Davis return to Leprechaun. I love A Nightmare on Elm Street, but I did not love the Jackie Earle Haley Nightmare on Elm Street because Robert Englund is my Freddy Krueger. Warwick Davis is my Leprechaun. That’s all I’m saying. I will make this happen.”


Written and directed by Mark Jones, the flick is rated R for horror violence, and language. Jennifer Aniston stars along with Warwick Davis as the title baddie.

Dan O’Grady steals 100 gold coins from Warwick Davis while on vacation in Ireland. Davis follows him home, but Dan locks the murderous midget in a crate, held at bay by a four-leaf clover. Ten years later, J.D. Redding and his daughter, Tory (Jennifer Aniston), rent O’Grady’s property for the summer. When their new neighbors accidentally release Davis, he goes on a murderous rampage to reclaim his gold.

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A picture of Warwick Davis as the Leprechaun

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