Check Out This New Video Teaser for WASTELAND Issue #3 Out Friday via Eibon Press

Eibon Press is a front-running indie publisher, specializing in totally unique “super limited edition single-issue comic books.”

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They only produce physical media (no digital), with much of their output dedicated to high-end cult movie tie-ins based on classic horror and science fiction films like Lucio Fulci’s ZombieWilliam Lustig’s Maniacand Charles Band’s Laserblast.

They also offer cutting-edge original titles like Wasteland 1989 and Bottomfeeder, which are also highly “cinematic” in nature, inspired by retro nostalgia and gory horror of several bygone eras.

Wasteland 1989 Issue #3 goes on sale this Friday and, today, Eibon has also released an awesome video teaser for the comic, created by Jason Morris at Resurrection Films! Give it a spin below.

Wasteland 1989 Issue #3 goes on sale May 14th! It’s a HUGE 50 Page Issue packaged with a Soundtrack CD featuring a full and complete audio dramatization of Wasteland issues 2 and 3! Check out this sneak! Some killer motion comic animation from our pal Jason D. Morris at Resurrection Films.This gives you a small taste of the soundtrack we created for the issue 3 section! Everything goes on sale MAY 14TH at 7 pm Pacific: Eibon Press

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Eibon Press

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