Dark Horse Announces New STRANGER THINGS Comic Collections and More

Netflix will (hopefully) unleash The Duffer Brothers’ Stranger Things 4 this year. But don’t count on it. That said, Dark Horse Comics just announced new comic book collections and a YA graphic novel.

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Check out a peek (via SyFy Wire) at all the new covers below.

Stranger Things
Stranger Things
Stranger Things
Stranger Things

Check out tons of info on each new items (including release dates) right over HERE.

The Duffer Brothers created Stranger Things, inspired by the works of Steven Spielberg, John Carpenter, and also Stephen King. Set in the 1980s in the town of Hawkins, Indiana, the first season of Stranger Things focused on the disappearance of a young boy and also the appearance of a girl with psychokinetic abilities.

The third season took place in the days leading up to the Fourth of July in 1985. A secret Soviet laboratory under the Starcourt Mall opens the gateway to the Upside Down, unleashing evil entities (and stranger things) into Hawkins.

Gaten Matarazzo teases the new season of will be more mature.

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Matarazzo says: “When it comes to the tone of the season, it’s definitely, I think the tone is definitely matured for sure, and I think they do that on purpose because I think they want [Stranger Things] to mature with their kids. As we are growing older as people, we have to grow older as characters. They’re confronted by this issue, but they embrace it, and they use it to their advantage. And they don’t freak out when we get taller or when our voices drop or anything like that. They use it and they use it as ammunition for their writing. It’s incredible what they can do.”

Will you snag any of these Dark Horse Stranger Things comics?

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