Asylum Announces New Mockbuster APE VS. MONSTER!

Ape vs Monster Dread Central HD 750x422 - Asylum Announces New Mockbuster APE VS. MONSTER!

Ah, the good folks over at The Asylum. Looks like they’re at it once again. This time they’re putting out a Godzilla vs Kong rip-off called – wait for it – Ape Vs. Monster. Today we have a tease that the trailer will hit on May 3rd. There’s even a countdown video over on YouTube.

Check it out below.

At this time, this is all we have. No plot synopsis. Nothing. But really, does anyone out there really need a plot synopsis for The Asylum’s Ape vs. Monster? Yeah. I didn’t think so. All the same, here’s a (slightly) revised rundown on Godzilla vs Kong that I think will do nicely.

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Legends get ripped off in Ape vs Monster as these mockbuster adversaries meet in a low-budget battle for the people at Redbox who don’t know any better. And the fate of The Asylum studio hangs in the balance.  Ape undertakes a badly plotted journey to find his true home. But finds himself in the path of a cranky Monster, cutting a swath of weak CGI across the globe.  The Sharknado-y clash of the two titans is only the beginning of a mystery deep within the Earth -why do people watch this shit?

I’m kidding. I’m checking this out ASAP.

Are you also going to check out The Asylum’s Ape vs Monster as soon as humanly possible? Of course, you are. But let me ask you this: Who do you think wins THIS time? Ape? Monster? Or MechaMonster! Which I’m more than 100% positive will be in there as well before the credits roll on this new classic of mockbuster. But I guess we’ll have to wait and see!

Ape vs Monster Dread Central HD 1024x536 - Asylum Announces New Mockbuster APE VS. MONSTER!

What do yuo think?

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