KIM & KET Have 3 Upcoming Events You Should Totally Tune-In For!

Kim & Ket Stay Alive... Maybe

Here at Dread Central, we love us some Kim and Ket!

Kim Burns and Ketryn Porter host the horror movie comedy podcast Kim & Ket Stay Alive… Maybe which became part of the Dread Central Podcast Network earlier this year. Just yesterday, we announced their next project: A game show podcast called Kim & Ket’s Survive the Cellar!

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If you’re not already a fan of Kim & Ket’s shenanigans, you’ll have three opportunities to get to know them in the upcoming days. First, they’re hosting a couple of events in connection with the Horrible Imaginings Film Festival.

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The first is happening TONIGHT (Wednesday, February 24th); it’s a Clubhouse Chat with HIFF organizers Miguel Rodriguez and Lauren Cupp.

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Next, Kim and Ket will record a live episode of Kim & Ket Stay Alive… Maybe as part of HIFF’s next installment of their short film series Campfire Tales. That event is taking place on Saturday, February 27th.

You can find out more about both events and purchase tickets at the Horrible Imaginings official website, HERE.

Finally, you won’t want to miss the premiere episode of Kim and Ket’s Survive the Cellar which drops this Monday, March 1st.

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Wendell Griffin Graves lost on the first question of a popular million-dollar game show – the easiest question! Not only that, but it was a question about horror movies, his favorite genre! His televised humiliation drove him mad. Now as the “Quiz Show Killer,” he kidnaps horror fans and pros alike and locks them in his cellar. There, he taunts them with horror trivia questions – to prove answering them isn’t as easy as it seems!

“Kim and Ket are amazing and entertaining podcast hosts and were the perfect choices to partner on this original podcast horror trivia game show (along with their fantastic producer, Arik Martin),” exudes Patrick Ewald, executive producer and co-creator of Kim and Ket’s Survive the Cellar. “Unfortunately, in this universe, Kim and Ket definitely did not stay alive as they are ghosts who are cursed to help our contestants survive every episode. The show is not only filled with fun horror trivia but has some great twists and turns that will have you playing along until the bloody (maybe?) end. At Dread, we are all about helping our creators grow their brands with us, so this is just the first of many exciting ‘original’ announcements to come.”

Are you a fan of Kim & Ket Stay Alive… Maybe? Will you be tuning in for their Horrible Imaginings podcasts this week? Are you excited to check out Kim & Ket’s Survive the Cellar on Monday? Let us know in the comments below or on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram! You can also carry on the convo with me personally on Twitter @josh_millican.



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