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DREAD Podcast Network Dives Into First Original with KIM AND KET’S SURVIVE THE CELLAR


Dread is taking traditional podcasting into terrifying (and hysterical) new directions with its first original, a horror trivia game show with real cash prizes! Get set for Dread Podcast Network’s Kim and Ket’s Survive the Cellar!  Check out the show’s awesome artwork and read more about what’s in store below.

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Wendell Griffin Graves lost on the first question of a popular million-dollar game show – the easiest question! Not only that, but it was a question about horror movies, his favorite genre! His televised humiliation drove him mad. Now as the “Quiz Show Killer,” he kidnaps horror fans and pros alike and locks them in his cellar. There, he taunts them with horror trivia questions – to prove answering them isn’t as easy as it seems!

Each round, the player with the most points will win first choice of a “Survival Item” they can use to plan their escape!

Kim Burns and Ketryn Porter (from the popular horror movie comedy podcast Kim & Ket Stay Alive… Maybe) host this fun horror trivia game to help victims… sorry, “contestants”, escape from a serial killer’s cellar. Look for the first episode of Kim and Ket’s Survive the Cellar on March 1st with new episodes drop every other Monday.

“Kim and Ket are amazing and entertaining podcast hosts and were the perfect choices to partner on this original podcast horror trivia game show (along with their fantastic producer, Arik Martin),” exudes Patrick Ewald, executive producer and co-creator of Kim and Ket’s Survive the Cellar. “Unfortunately, in this universe, Kim and Ket definitely did not stay alive as they are ghosts who are cursed to help our contestants survive every episode. The show is not only filled with fun horror trivia but has some great twists and turns that will have you playing along until the bloody (maybe?) end. At Dread, we are all about helping our creators grow their brands with us, so this is just the first of many exciting ‘original’ announcements to come.”

“The dirty little secret of this show,” confesses screenwriter Arik Martin, who created the show with Dread along with Kim & Ket and writes the questions for each episode, “is that it doesn’t actually matter how many questions the contestants get right. People kicking themselves for missing something they should have known, or being surprised by some new information, is probably more fun to listen to anyway. And with a few fun plot twists thrown in throughout the game, it’s possible to get every question wrong and still win.”

Martin’s previous game show experience includes work on the reality competition show RuPaul’s Drag Race, and the College Humor nerd culture game show Um… Actually.

“There is nowhere other than Dread that we would want to host this project. They have been a huge support for our other podcast, Kim and Ket Stay Alive… Maybe,” Kim and Ket said in a joint statement. “So when Patrick and Yulissa Morales (Dread’s Director of US Distribution) approached us to develop this show, it was, very much a ‘no-brainer.’ To have such a respected name in the horror world as a home is just everything our little horror-ific hearts could ever wish for!”

Kim Burns and Ketryn Porter became best friends in the theatre department at Towson University and moved across the country together to brave LA hand-in-hand. Since then, they have been frequent collaborators (check out their award-winning short film, Painless). In addition to their charm, wit, world-class improv skills, and compelling storytelling chops, what gives KKSAM its heart is the hosts’ genuine, infectious chemistry. They come from very different backgrounds – scrappy, streetwise Kim grew up on the other side of the tracks in Philly, while nerdy, eccentric Ketryn was raised in the idyllic suburbs of Baltimore. But these unlikely besties have carved out a niche in the horror space by creating a show that feels like hanging out with your best friends – if your best friends happen to be two of the most wildly funny women in podcasting.

“With the launch of Kim and Ket’s Survive the Cellar we mark another exciting step forward towards our overall goal of curating new voices and creating great original content,” says Dread Central co-founder Jon Condit. “Collaborating on projects like this is one of the most rewarding parts of what we are called to do and I hope fans of the genre have a killer time with it.”

Are you a fan of Kim & Ket Stay Alive… Maybe? Are you excited to check out Kim and Ket’s Survive the Cellar beginning March 1st? Let us know in the comments below or on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram! You can also carry on the convo with me personally on Twitter @josh_millican.

Written by Josh Millican

Josh Millican is the Editor in Chief at Dread Central.

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