Video Interview: Director Courtney Paige Talks Debut Feature THE SINNERS

Actress turned director Courtney Paige dives head first into her first feature The Sinners, unafraid to tackle issues of religious control and bullying while still delivering a whispy, devilish little thriller that pays homage to films like The Craft and Jawbreaker. Set in a strict Catholic school, a mischievous click of girls rule the halls calling themselves The Sins. Katie (Keilani Rose) is Greed; Stacey (Jasmine Randhawa) is Envy; Robyn (Natalie Malaika) is Sloth; Molly (Carly Fawcett) is Gluttony; Tori (Brenna Coates) is Wrath; Aubrey (Brenna Llewellyn) is Pride; and Grace (Kaitlyn Bernard) is Lust.

Together, they seem invincible until a mysterious killer starts picking them off one by one. Each murder is staged to expose each of their individual sins, rocking the town and the rest of the students who don’t know if they will be next.

Speaking with Courtney Paige below, we talk about why the original title, The Color Rose, was eventually discarded, how important it was to have a diverse cast representing The Sins, and how her own sister created the sinister masks each girl wears in the film. It was also National Guitar Day and Paige admitted that she used to play tambourine in a rock band called Velvet Whiskey.

Fun fact Jawbreaker, which was an inspiration for the film, was released on February 19th, 1999. This makes for the perfect double feature when The Sinners is released On Demand February 19th! 

Check out the trailer and interview with director Courtney Paige below!

Synopsis: Seven Catholic schoolgirls deemed part of a religious cult called The Sins become the lethal target of an unknown killer after a harmless prank goes horribly wrong.

From Brainstorm Media and Globetrotter Pictures, The Sinners hits On Demand Friday, February 19th.



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