Retro Creeps Get Super-Sized by Last Resort Toys

Creatures Banner 750x422 - Retro Creeps Get Super-Sized by Last Resort Toys

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times more: This is a FAN FRIKKEN TASTIC time to be a geek!

All our favorite movies are available in blazing Blu-ray; the retail shelves are filled with the likes of He-Man, Ghostbusters, and Godzilla… and even something as obscure as Diener Space Creatures can get enough love to warrant a super-sized resurgence!

Those little eraser monsters that mirrored the far-out 50’s sci-fi film creatures are making a comeback thanks to Last Resort Toys.

Licensed from the original eraser alien toys, this XL series celebrates some of the most iconic mini-figures by revisiting them larger scale: four times larger!

First in the series is the Winged Amphibian Creature (available after the holidays at Last Resort with a blue variant at The second release will be the Veined Cranium Creature, which is nearing its goal on Kickstarter.

Last Resort have also super-sized the insane monster creations known as the Trash Bag Bunch! You’ll find Muckoid (the chubby one with the multiple eyes) and Liceplant (the..umm..plant ..thing) at the Last Resort store when it reopens, with variant colors like GLOW IN THE DARK–which makes me so damn happy (LOOK AT IT GLOW!!!).

 Thanks to Last Resort for giving us a look at their crazy monster toys, and all the flashbacks that came with them. Happy New Year!

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