Samuel Little: Most Prolific Serial Killer in US History Is Now Dead

The most prolific serial killer in US history, Samuel Little, died in prison Wednesday at age 80. LA County medical examiner’s office will determine the cause of death.

In 2018, Little confessed to killing 93 women across the nation from the 1970s through 2005. The FBI considers him credible as he knew details only the killer could know. That said, Samuel Little may have murdered more than those 93. Law officials across the nation were trying to connect him to other unsolved cases. As of last year, they had confirmed at least 50 of his murder confessions.

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Samuel Little convicted in 2014 for murdering three women in Los Angeles in the 80s. He was serving three consecutive life-without-parole sentences.

Little was the subject of the documentary Catching A Serial Killer: Sam Little. Here’s the synopsis: In this two-hour special, former prosecutor & investigative journalist Beth Karas follows Sam Little’s trail of terror in hopes of finding out how this calculated killer evaded capture and stymied investigators at every turn.

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