Brad Pitt & Don Cheadle’s HAUNTED HOUSE Adventure Needs to Be a Movie Right Now

George Clooney is a well-known prankster. And recently he revealed he played a killer trick on his Ocean’s Twelve co-stars involving a night in a haunted house. Those co-stars? None other than Brad Pitt and Don Cheadle.

Clooney tells GQ: “We were all staying at my house in Lake Como — and there was a house across the lake, empty. So, at like 3 a.m. we get a ladder and put it on this boat and Matt [Damon] and Don [Cheadle] and Brad [Pitt] and I took the boat across the water. We took the ladder up and climbed in the house. The first thing we saw was a statue of a snake eating a woman’s head, you’re like ‘aaaah.’ So, we came down to the conclusion that we’d give $10,000 to any guy who could spend the night in the house with a candle. You got 6 matches and a bottle of wine.”

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He continues: “We left Don Cheadle and Bard Pitt there and Matt and I came back. We’re sitting in the boat in the middle of the lake. We have to see the candle go by every window. It goes by 2 or 3 windows and then we get a call. They’re like, ‘Fuck that, get us out of this house!’ We came back and pulled them out.”

I don’t know about you, but I’d pay to see a haunted house movie featuring Brad Pitt and Don Cheadle. How about you? Check out Clooney’s full interview HERE.

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