Brad Pitt’s Brother Recreates Iconic Scene from SE7EN in a Commercial–And You Won’t Believe What’s in the Box!

6ix Banner 750x422 - Brad Pitt's Brother Recreates Iconic Scene from SE7EN in a Commercial--And You Won't Believe What's in the Box!

While Brad Pitt has made a name for himself as an A-List actor in Hollywood, his brother Doug Pitt has dedicated much of his adult life to charitable causes, like bringing clean drinking water to Tanzania and even founded a nonprofit called Care to Learn that sees to the most basic needs of our nations most impoverished children.

But it seems he took a break from his philanthropic efforts in order to make a few bucks doing a commercial–and clearly having a blast doing it! Plus, it was all for a good cause (more on that later). Check out the 2-minute advert promoting Doin’ Good Orange Wheat Ale, a new release from Mother’s Brewing Company, embedded at the top of the article. They even gave it a cinematic title: 6ix!

Vice reports:

“We connected with Doug through Care to Learn. Years ago, they wanted us to collaborate with him on a beer for his 50th birthday,” Anne Mauldin, the marketing director at Mother’s Brewing Company told MUNCHIES in an email. “That didn’t happen, but we stayed in touch and came up with this project that gave a portion of proceeds back to our community. They were the first choice of a local charity since we’ve been chatting with him about making a beer for about two years. Doug is a super easy-going guy with a great sense of humor, so luckily he took to the idea.”

Doug Pitt plays his famous namesake in a recreation of the infamous conclusion of Se7en, so of course, it’s another “What’s in the Box” parody. Still, the tipsy twist and Pitt’s authenticity make it well worth a watch. 

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