Get Ready to Shamble with the Shambler

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We just can’t get enough of the undead around these parts, and that’s a good thing because lately zombies are everywhere, especially in comics and movies, so it’s no surprise that another comic book movie adaptation is on its way featuring the flesh-eating fiends.

Variety reports that writers Bob Layton and David Michelinie are working on Shambler, a big-screen adaptation of their comic book.

Touted as an action-horror-comedy, Shamblercenters on a scientist who creates a serum that reanimates dead tissue. He’s murdered but reanimated by associates as a mummy encased in black-and-yellow crime scene tape.

The film has been budgeted at $4 million and is being touted at Cannes by Anne Marie Gillen, whose Hollywood lineage includes exec producing Fried Green Tomatoes. Layton and Michelinie are authors of many of the Iron Man comic book stories and created characters including Rhodey Rhodes and Justin Hammer.

They have a huge following so this idea is really franchisable and really fun,” Gillen says. “We’re planning to deliver the finished film next year at Cannes.

shambler - Get Ready to Shamble with the Shambler

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