Audio Horror Series Mysteries Most Macabre, Inc., Volume 1 Now Available

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If you enjoy a bit of old time audio horror now and then, you might want to check out the new horror audio series Mysteries Most Macabre, Inc., Volume 1 of which is now available from John C. Alsedek and Dana Perry-Hayes of Blue Hours Productions.

From the Press Release:
Mysteries Most Macabre, Inc., is a collection of downloadable short audio vignettes, averaging between 6 to 9 minutes in length. Set in the 1930’s, it concerns the adventures of Blake and Beatrice Ashton, a married detective team whose cases invariably take a turn for the supernatural.

“Blake & Beatrice were originally inspired by Nick & Nora Charles from the classic ‘Thin Man’ films and radio show,” notes Alsedek. “However, the characters found their own voices pretty quickly.” Blake is heir to the Ashton Cracker fortune and is described by Alsedek as “the world’s oldest ten-year-old…both aggravating and adorable.” Beatrice is the experienced private eye, daughter of a Scotland Yard detective, and a formidable woman in every respect- “sort of a proto-Sigourney Weaver or Linda Hamilton, but in heels” jokes Perry-Hayes.

In each episode the Ashtons find themselves faced with some manner of otherworldly threat, only to deal with it with tongue-in-cheek aplomb, according to Alsedek. “There’s a lot of snappy dialogue in a Cary Grant/Kate Hepburn vein, heavies right out of B-movies, and resolutions that would have made the Marx Brothers proud.”

The voiceover work is done by Alsedek and Perry-Hayes plus the versatile veteran voice actor Daamen Krall. “Daamen’s amazing- he does the narration, then seamlessly switches gears to play whoever that episode’s guest star is,” says Perry-Hayes. Production has already begun on the next seven episodes, which will be released in early summer.

Mysteries Most Macabre, Inc., Volume 1 includes:
· ‘The Conqueror Bookworm’ (7:45)
· ‘Zeitgeist Of The Zipless Zombies’ (9:30)
· ‘Now You Don’t See ‘Em, Now You Don’t’ (8:36)
· ‘Saga Of The Shrinking Salesforce’ (6:42)
· ‘Werewolf For Art Thou?’ (6:41)
· ‘Mystery Of The Malodorous Mummies’ (7:50)
· ‘Let Me Count The Ways’ (6:11)
· Song: ‘Mysteries Most Macabre’ Theme (4:10)
Total Running Time: 57:25

For more info be sure to visit the official Blue Hours Productions website and “like” Blue Hours Productions on Facebook.

mysteries - Audio Horror Series Mysteries Most Macabre, Inc., Volume 1 Now Available

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