From the Producers of Sharktopus… Piranhaconda Has a Trailer and an Airdate

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Piranhaconda… Legendary producer Roger Corman, b-movie impresario Jim Wynorski, and Syfy have birthed a half-anaconda/half-piranha monstrosity. Will it be the heir apparent to Sharktopus? See for yourself.

Michael Madsen (Sin City) and Rachel Hunter (Swamp Volcano) star in this Syfy creature feature about a low-budget horror movie crew, inept kidnappers, and a reptile expert all on the smorgasbord for a ravenous anaconda/piranha hybrid slithering loose in Hawaii.

Distributor American World Pictures has unveiled the trailer for Piranhaconda today. If there’s an aspect about it I find disappointing from watching the trailer, it’s that the Piranhaconda just looks to be a funky looking giant snake that slithers around chomping people and doesn’t appear to make much use of its aquatic or crushing abilities the same way Sharktopus capitalized on the notice of a predatory shark with octopus tentacles. Regardless, it looks like it could be goofy fun.

Piranhaconda premieres on Syfy June 16th at 9/8 Central.

pconda - From the Producers of Sharktopus... Piranhaconda Has a Trailer and an Airdate

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