Trailer: MONSTER SQUAD’s Andre Gower Battles Baby Frankenstein in… BABY FRANKENSTEIN!

WildEye Releasing just unleashed director Jon YonKondy family-friendly monster movie Baby Frankenstein with Andre Gower on Amazon.

Shot in 7 days with a shoestring budget, Baby Frankenstein is set in the vein of E.T. and you can check out the full trailer via MovieWeb below.

The flick tells the tale of young Lance and his unlikely friendship with a pint-sized, self-aware automaton. After Lance stumbles upon this “little dude,” he enlists the help of Truth, the sassy girl-next-door, to protect him from his mom’s batty boyfriend, Ken Glinevich. As it turns out, Glinevich is hell-bent on capturing Baby Frankenstein and claiming the $50,000 reward being offered by the mysterious actual owner, Dauvin Lundquist. Lance finds an unlikely ally in his awkward neighbor, John, who appears to be romantically interested in Lance’s mother, Kim. As the potential captors close in on Lance, Truth and Baby Frankenstein, Lance must decide what he will risk to preserve Baby Frankenstein’s freedom.

YonKondy says: “The film you see, besides a bit of b-roll, was what was shot in those 7 days. This film has been my life for these past 14 months: writing, producing, production designing, directing, second unit DP-ing, editing, and even doing the graphic design work. Although it was not ideal, I knew from shooting my first feature in 10 days that it was certainly possible. I knew that creative problem solving on any front usually led to brave, exciting choices if you were flexible enough to roll with the punches and embrace the controlled chaos… I am extremely proud of this little ‘cinematic experiment’ of ours and I cannot wait until audiences can fall in love with Baby Frankenstein like we all have.”

It stars Ian Barling, Patrick McCartney, Cora Savage, Eileen Rosen Mike Rutkoski, Yannis Stergiopoulos, and Rance Nix as Baby Frankenstein.

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Baby Frankenstein Poster - Trailer: MONSTER SQUAD's Andre Gower Battles Baby Frankenstein in... BABY FRANKENSTEIN!

Written by Mike Sprague

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