Horror Short DESERT QUARANTINE Starring Oliver Cooper Now Streaming

Written, directed, and edited by Joe Burke, Desert Quarantine is a nail-biting horror short starring Oliver Cooper (Mindhunter, Red Oaks, Project X). Give it a spin and read more about the short film below.

A man living in isolation, quarantined alone out in the desert during the current global pandemic, finds himself coming face to face with the virus, in what becomes a fight for his life to survive the night.

About the Production:

Joe Burke and Oliver Cooper spent five days together isolated in the desert, where Oliver was currently living for the month during the nationwide lockdown. The film was shot in Wonder Valley, CA. It was just the two of them, with the use of a Canon C100 and a single film light, plus a mag flashlight. Ultimately, the name of the game was to do a lot with a little. It was a super creative, fun, and inspiring process for them. Burke wrote the script a week before shooting, inspired by the current events, designing the film for the location Cooper was living at. Burke ordered a few props and a few bare essentials off Amazon Prime leading up to the shoot and tailored the script/project to what he had available in the moment.

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