First Issue Of Marvel’s THE RISE OF ULTRAMAN Arrives In September

Last year, it was announced that Marvel had secured the rights to publish comics featuring Ultraman, the immensely popular robot superhero owned by the Japanese company Tsuburaya Productions. Marvel has now finally revealed more details about their plans for the character, with their first Ultraman comic set to hit stores in September. The series will be called The Rise of Ultraman, and it will see two members of the United Science Patrol learning of the existence of the extraterrestrial robot warrior, and coming to accept that he may be the only thing capable of defending Earth from hideous Kaiju monsters. From the press release published on Marvel’s official website, it sounds like The Rise of Ultraman will be a retelling of Ultraman’s origins, so this will be a great entry point for those of you who are new to the character.

As fans will tell you, Ultraman has the ability to change from being the size of an average human to being as tall as a skyscraper, so we can also expect some epic monster fighting action when the first issue of this book arrives in September. The series will be written by Mat Groom and Kyle Higgins, with the latter being known for his work on Batman and Power Rangers, while the artwork was provided by Francesco Manna and Michael Cho. On the other hand, the stunning cover for the first issue, which shows Ultraman towering over a city block while stunned pedestrians look on, was provided by artist Alex Ross, and can be viewed below.

Although the character is not particularly well known in the West, Ultraman has been a staple of Japanese popular culture for decades, having appeared in countless films, TV shows, comics, and video games. To date, the franchise has earned over $17 billion in revenue in Japan, so we’re hoping this new comic helps Ultraman to achieve A-list status in the US as well.

The Rise of Ultraman Marvel2 1 1024x1577 - First Issue Of Marvel's THE RISE OF ULTRAMAN Arrives In September