Video: Tommy Lee Wallace Shows How to Convert a Shatner Mask into a Michael Myers Mask

In the original Halloween screenplay, adult Michael Myers wore a clown mask, but John Carpenter and company couldn’t afford to buy the rights to an existing character. That’s why Tommy Lee Wallace took a William Shatner/Captain Kirk mask, cut the eyes and hair, slapped a layer of fish-belly white paint on it–and the rest is history.

Now, horror filmmaker and collector Sean Clark has shared a video he made in 2014, one where Wallace takes as through the process of creating the original Michael Myers mask. Give it a look-see embedded at the top of the article!

Video Description:
This is a video we made back in 2014 I believe. It was made with the intention of being part of the Halloween: The Complete Collection Box Set. For years fans have asked Tommy Lee Wallace for the details of exactly how he converted the William Shatner mask into The Shape. For the first and only time, Tommy takes us step by step and shows exactly what he did back in 1978.

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