Groovy! Evil Dead 2: DEAD BY DAWN Live Video Escape Room Opens in May

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For a limited time only, you have the chance to escape the evil dead before they swallow your soul in the first officially licensed live video escape room, granted by Studiocanal S.A.S., based on Sam Raimi’s classic horror/comedy Evil Dead 2: Dead By Dawn.

Hourglass Escapes, LLC and their hit Escape Room are coming to your home in this streaming Live-Action Evil Dead 2 Escape Room experience. This world-famous 5 star rated escape room and be played anywhere worldwide. Tickets will be on sale beginning May 8th with games starting May 15th.

What is a live video escape room? According to Thomas Parslow: “Live Video Escape Rooms are a new way to play Escape Rooms with your friends from the comfort and safety of your own home. Guide a host via live video to explore, solve puzzles and uncover mysteries. Gather a team as your friends join via video link from their homes.”

“We have taken our hit escape room and made it so people can play with their group from the safety of their homes,” said Wolfson. “People will book the game online, then using streaming meeting technology to be able to control the game facilitator as their avatar in the game.” He explained. “It is like a first-person video game but with live people, and it is designed for a 3 to 6 player group. The best part is the players can be in 6 different homes anywhere in the world as long as they have a good WiFi connection”

When players enter that all-to-familiar cabin in the woods, they will have until dawn (or 70 minutes, whichever comes first) to find the Kandarian dagger and destroy the book of the dead before the evil dead swallows their souls. Fans of the classic film can expect deadites, chainsaws, a very strange deer head, a chained-up cellar door, and plenty of horrifying surprises. With appearances by Twin Peaks own Andrea Hays, and Yuri Lowenthal who is known for his voice acting as Peter Parker/Spiderman in both video games and animation.

“We are designing it to emulate the already existing escape room game but as an event.” Wolfson explained “ We will have cinematic elements, drink ideas, snack recommendations and even a drinking game option. We want players to forget about the world and its issues for a while and enjoy a night with their friends and family.”

The original Evil Dead 2: Dead By Dawn Live Video Escape Room opens in May of 2020 and will be a scary and fun experience appropriate for ages 13 and up. For design photos and production updates, go to:

live video announcment - Groovy! Evil Dead 2: DEAD BY DAWN Live Video Escape Room Opens in May

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