Video Explores McKamey Manor: The “Most Extreme” (And Controversial) Horror Attraction Ever

Extreme haunts became immensely popular in the 2010s with many seeking to obliterate all boundaries. The most infamous (by far) is McKamey Manor, a haunt rumored to subject participants to torture, mind-altering drugs, and other unbelievable atrocities. So why would anyone subject themselves to such abuse? In addition to the challenge, there’s a substantial cash prize offered to anyone who can endure McKamey in its entirety. To date, however, no one has been able to make it to the end of the experience without calling quits.

Yes, McMamey has a bad reputation among haunt enthusiasts–and even other haunt promoters who believe the attraction’s extreme approach gives the entire industry a black eye.

Operating year-round (with a long wait-list to participate) it can be hard to separate fact from fiction when it comes to McKamey Manor. That’s why the YouTubers at Lazy Masquerade have taken a deep-dive, one that penetrates the smoke and mirrors. Give their short documentary a spin embedded at the top of the article.

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