New Toys Turn Mario And Bowser Into Ultraman And Godzilla

Mario and Bowser are two of gaming’s most recognisable characters, although two new toys portray the Nintendo icons as you’ve never seen them before. Set to be released by Bid Toys in Japan later this year, the figures depict Mario and Bowser as characters from the Ultraman franchise, and they look awesome. We also love how the official images depict the toys standing in a model city surrounded by skyscrapers, to emphasis how these are truly supposed to be Kaiju-sized versions of Nintendo’s icons. However, Kotaku have pointed out that it’s unclear if these are officially licensed figures, so if that will be a problem for you, you might want to purchase the upcoming Mario Lego set instead.

Either way, the Mario figure will be called Ma-Nultra, and it depicts how the plumber would look if he was crossed with Ultraman, the iconic Japanese robot superhero. As you can see from the images below, the toy perfectly combines the most recognisable aspects of both characters, with Mario’s hat and moustache as well as Ultraman’s red and silver aesthetic and his glowing yellow eyes, so fans of both heroes will be pleased.

The Bowser toy, on the other hand, is called Koobala, and it re-imagines the king of the Koopas as a colossal, Godzilla-like monster. With his enormous shell and his grey paint finish, he also bears something of a resemblance to Gamera, the giant turtle kaiju who was created by the Daiei film studio to cash in on the popularity of Godzilla during the 1960s. If you have kids who love playing Mario games, you might want to think twice before buying them this for their birthday, as it’s liable to give them nightmares.

These toys will be released in Japan later this year, although there’s currently no word on whether they will also be available overseas. In any case, given the enormous popularity of the Mario and Ultraman franchises, we expect these to fly off the shelves. So if you’re thinking of importing either of these figures, we suggest you do so as soon as they become available for pre-order.

Written by David Gelmini

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