First Issue Of Epic Crossover Comic Miniseries TRANSFORMERS VS. TERMINATOR Now On Sale

The failure of Dark Fate at the box office means there won’t be any new Terminator films released anytime soon, but the franchise still lives on with the new comic series Transformers vs. Terminator. As its name suggests, this book is a crossover between the Terminator franchise and the multibillion-dollar Transformers series, so fans of both will be eager to read this.

Published by IDW in collaboration with Dark Horse, the four-issue series begins with a T-800 (the primary Skynet Humanoid Hunter Killer model played by Arnold Schwarzenegger in the Terminator movies) being sent back to 1984 on a mission to prevent Decepticons from conquering the Earth. However, he soon realises he can’t stop the Decepticons on his own, so the T-800 joins forces with the Autobots, who are led by the heroic freedom fighter Optimus Prime, to help him accomplish his mission.

It may seem strange for an adult-oriented franchise like Terminator to cross over with something more toyetic and youth-focused like Transformers, and longtime Transformers fans may initially be surprised by the darker tone of this book. Either way, writers Tom Waltz, John Barber, and David Mariotte were clearly able to combine the strongest elements from both franchises in a story which should ultimately appease both groups of fans. This could even be the biggest comic book crossover event of the year, and that’s not something we would say lightly.

The first issue of Transformers vs. Terminator is available now, and the remaining three will be released on a monthly basis. You can purchase a digital version of issue one on ComiXology, or with most comic shops now being closed, you could head over to IDW’s website to order a physical copy.

So if you’ve ever wondered how a war between Skynet and Cybertron would play out, you cannot afford to miss this series. And where else are you going to see Arnold Schwarzenegger fighting giant robot Decepticons? Artist Alex Milne did a decent job of capturing Schwarzenegger’s likeness, so all you need to do is to read the T-800’s dialogue in Schwarzenegger’s thick Austrian accent, and reading this comic will almost be like watching a new Terminator movie. And don’t worry, you don’t need to refer to the T-800 as Carl this time.



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