spawn joker stairs poster image 1 - Spawn Dances On The JOKER Stairs In Mashup Poster Shared By Todd McFarlane

Spawn Dances On The JOKER Stairs In Mashup Poster Shared By Todd McFarlane

The 92nd Academy Awards ceremony took place in Los Angeles last Sunday, with Joaquin Phoenix taking home the prize for Best Actor for his performance in Joker. This makes Phoenix the second actor the win an Academy Award for playing the Clown Prince of Crime after the late Heath Ledger, and both of them absolutely deserved their accolades.

Comic creator Todd McFarlane was clearly rooting for Phoenix to win, because a few hours before the ceremony he shared a hilarious version of the iconic Joker steps poster on Instagram, but with Spawn in place of the Joker. He clearly used a McFarlane Toys action figure, and the result is pretty hilarious. In the text accompanying the image, McFarlane asked if the upcoming Spawn reboot will win any Oscars, even though it has yet to be filmed. Interestingly, the fake poster lists October 31 as a release date, although no year was given.

While the eventual Spawn reboot probably won’t feature the titular undead hero dancing on the West 167th Street step stairs (you can probably tell why people prefer to just refer to them as the Joker stairs), the film will still be a grim and gritty retelling of McFarlane’s immensely popular comic series. Although he’s been talking about it for years now, McFarlane is adamant that the film will eventually be made, so we’ll bring you news when it gradually starts coming to light.

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