DarkMatter TV is the go-to app to stream the best horror, sci-fi, true crime and action entertainment.

DarkMatter TV has signed its first brand ambassador, horror legend B. Harrison Smith, whose cinematic works have been love letters to dedicated horror fans, successfully capturing the horror nostalgia of the late ‘70s and early ‘80s.

Renowned as a staple in horror cinema history for his award-winning writing, directing and producing, Smith is best known for Camp Dread (2014), starring Oscar nominee Eric Roberts (Runaway Train), 21st Century scream queen Danielle Harris (Halloween) and Felissa Rose (Sleepaway Camp), and Death House (2017), featuring horror icons Kane Hodder (Friday the 13th), Tony Todd (Night of the Living Dead) and Barbara Crampton (Re-Animator), which is now streaming on Netflix.

Exclusively to DarkMatter TV, Smith will host the Cynema podcast, which has gained popularity for its hard look at the relationship between cynicism and the entertainment industry. Garnering praise from industry professionals like Mike Flanagan (Dr. Sleep, Haunting of Hill House), Smith looks forward to bringing new content to DarkMatter TV and expounding on the platform’s unique content.

“I wanted to join DarkMatter TV because their ascending content has such a terrific style and flavor that hearkens back to the best of late-night cable from when I was growing up. Fun content presented in a high-quality fashion makes this fun – and isn’t that the point? Movies are fun, and DarkMatter TV has found some of the best,” stated Smith.

Check out B. Harrison Smith’s five favorite titles now streaming on the DarkMatter TV app:

  1. The Last Man On Earth (1964): I grew up with this on Dr. Shock or Chiller Theater. I feel like I am ten again watching it – it scared the hell out of me. One of the several Richard Matheson ‘I Am Legend’ adaptations, it might the one that is closest to the heart of the novel.
  • Home Education (2016): This film is bizarre, fresh, new, and yet, consistent with the content and tone of other DarkMatter TV titles. I so enjoyed this at a small art-house screening. Great to see it has life in streaming!
  • Carnival of Souls (1962): This film creeped me out so much, I featured it in a scene of my first film, The Fields (2011). Total nostalgia here… I love that DarkMatter TV gave it a home to be seen and enjoyed again.
  • Let Her Out (2017): A bizarre, body horror that again, stood out to me on this platform. This is what a good streaming platform should do: offer creative choices, not the same five blockbusters and 600 other choices nobody wants.
  • The Hearse (1980): Trish Van Devere! It’s more nostalgia-based, but hot damn, is it hard to find! And boom… there it was on DarkMatter TV!

Join B. Harrison Smith on the dark side today with the DarkMatter TV app, available on your iPhone, iPad, Apple TV or Android devices. Download and stream DarkMatter TV for FREE here or on Google Play.

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As a free streaming service available across all various devices, DarkMatter TV is available on mobiles and tablets (Google Play, Android, Apple iOS), OTT devices (Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Firestick, Chromecast), Smart TVs (Samsung, Vizio, TCL, Hisense, Phillips, LG), gaming consoles (PlayStation, Xbox) and more. Viewers may also subscribe commercial-free for $4.99 per month. DarkMatter TV has also partnered with major worldwide mobile device companies to expand the App and Linear channel to the international market in Q2 2020.

About DarkMatter TV: 
DarkMatter TV is an A-VOD app and Linear TV channel that is available in the U.S October 31st 2019, and available in Africa, and South East Asia Q2 2020. Founded in 2019 by TriCoast TV, DarkMatter TV features science fiction, horror, and action themed content that is expertly curated by our staff TV, film directors and festival Programmers. DarkMatter TV’s operations are based at TriCoast Studios in Culver City, CA, United States. Official app page: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/id1474261935.

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