Netflix’s STRANGER THINGS Becomes Pinball Game

Netflixs STRANGER THINGS Becomes Pinball Game 750x422 - Netflix's STRANGER THINGS Becomes Pinball Game

Netflix’s Stranger Things just got itself a new pinball game and it’s available as we speak. And today we have the killer details on the game which comes in three distinct art packages: Limited Edition, Premium, and Pro models.

The playfield is designed by Brian Eddy (Medieval Madness and Attack From Mars) and at any point the game can flip into the upside-down and you have to make specific shots before you switch back. You never know when it’s going to happen but you can score big when it does.

The game features over 20 tracks inspired by Stranger Things, as well as the main theme music, and clips and audio from seasons 1 & 2. The Pro Model has an MSRP of $6,099, the Premium $7,699, and the Limited Edition Model $9,099. The Limited Edition machine is limited to 500 units.

Zachary Sharpe, Director of Marketing at Stern says: “Brian Eddy designed the playfield and vision for the game, Lonnie Ropp led the code and rule design and Mike Vinikour helped out on rules design and balance. The three of them battled it out (in a good way) to get the best rule set to make the game fun for all players. Bob Stevlic did the custom art package for every model of the game. But it was really a whole team at Stern Pinball of mechanical engineers, programmers, video artists, musicians, and art support that made the game possible.”

Check out a video and a bunch of pics HERE.

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