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This Day in Horror: Happy Birthday Amy Acker

Born on this day in 1976: Amy Acker

A favorite of Joss Whedon, Acker is best known for her role on Angel, the Buffy the Vampire Slayer spinoff. In Angel,Acker played Winifred “Fred” Burkle, a physicist who was enslaved in a demon world for five years, stunting her social skills. Later in the series, she is possessed by a powerful demon, Illyria, and becomes an adversary of Angel and his team.

Acker went on to a recurring role in Whedon’s Dollhouse, in which she played the doctor of the “dolls,” blank forms that can be imprinted with any skills or talents, depending on what customers want. It was later revealed that Acker’s character was actually one of the most popular “dolls,” until she was attacked and scarred, and given the doctor’s imprint. She also had a small role in The Cabin in the Woods, a horror film written and produced by Whedon.

As far as other genre work, Acker has had guest appearances in Supernatural, Warehouse 13, Grimm, and Agents of SHIELD.