Get Snacks, Stake Vamps, Save the World: NIGHTWALKERS is Australia’s First Vampire Horror Series

Nightwalkers is a vampire series that’s a love letter honoring 1980s era horror. A product of the land “Down Under”, it’s a first for the continent for a number of reasons: It’s Australia’s first vampire horror series that mashes itself with action and comedy and it features the first “Indigenous Vampire” with actor Bee Cruse (who’s was also a producer).

Nightwalkers also boasts a cameo performance from horror legend Ken Foree (Dawn of the Dead, From Beyond, Chainsaw Massacre 3). Give the trailer a spin at the top of the article!

Centuries ago a great war was fought between two vampire clans.
Lazarus, the first of the Daywalkers searches for a vial of blood, his blood, that has been taken from him by the Judas clan. Unable to find the vial, Lazarus disappears.

Eight hundred years later in Western Sydney, Vampire slayers Sam and Charlie Corey have been brought to Blacktown’s Skyline Drive-ins by long-time informant and constant thorn in their side, Johnny Slayer. With the increase of Vampire related activity in Western Sydney, the slayers discover the Master of the city is on the hunt for an ancient artifact that would give any vampire invincible powers. The slayers’ race against time to stop a vampire apocalypse.

International audiences can check out Nightwalkers at ABC Comedy on YouTube.

Nightwalkers Poster - Get Snacks, Stake Vamps, Save the World: NIGHTWALKERS is Australia's First Vampire Horror Series

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